Update on coyote activity – recent coyote attacks and killings

I am sad to post these statistics.
Below are some of the messages I have been getting so you can here the stories from the people that wrote them.

5/20/2012 Newport Beach David Dr killed cat killed
5/28/2012 Huntington Beach Delaware St & California Sighting Around 5:20 am.   No fear of people
5/31/2012 Huntington Beach Beach Talbert killed Dog killed
6/1/2012 Rossmoor 2 reports of coyotes, one at an elementary school. Sighting
6/1/2012 Huntington beach Springdale, Hope View tract Sighting 3 coyotes
6/3/2012 Huntington beach Springdale south of Slater. Hope view tract Killing Cat killed
6/5/2012 Huntington beach Edwards/Warner. Sighting
6/5/2012 Huntington Beach Ocean Breeze Villas Sighting
6/10/2012 Rossmoor Sighting large Male
6/11/2012 Rossmoor Sighting
6/11/2012 Rossmoor Killing Cat killed
6/16/2012 Huntington beach Beach/Newman Injured Cat attacked, surgery required
6/20/2012 ? Olive/12th Sighting Not frightened by people trying to chase it away
6/22/2012 Rossmoor backyard Sighting
6/25/2012 Placentia Brookhaven killed 2 cats killed
6/28/2012 Huntington Beach Springdale/Edwards – Bolsa Park Tract killed Cat killed
6/30/2012 Rossmoor doorsteps Sighting
6/30/2012 Placentia Purdy and Brookhaven Sighting 2 coyotes approached people, the people had to walk away and were okay.
7/9/2012 Huntington Beach Delaware St & Hartford killed Cat killed
7/10/2012 Huntington Beach Ocean Breeze Villas Sighting Around 7:30pm
7/10/2012 Huntington Beach Behind Target off of Heil around Dana, jumping fences Sighting 6:30:00 AM  (multiple sightings by various neighbors, seems to be a route they are traveling)
7/12/2012 Huntington Beach Dwyer Middle School Sighting 4am
7/16/2012 Huntington Beach  Castle Dr. Springdale and Edinger area killed Cat killed
7/21/2012 Huntington Beach Memphis & Delaware  La Questa Racquet club townhouse community Sighting Large coyote 7:20am
7/26/2012 Huntington Beach Alabama & Hartford Sighting Around 5:00 am.   In front of house
8/1/2012 Costa Mesa killed 20lb dog killed in backyard over 8 foot fence
8/1/2012 Huntington Beach Graham between Slater and Warner Sighting
8/1/2012 Huntington Beach Huntington Landmark Tract killed 7 Cats killed
8/1/2012 Huntington Beach Magnolia and Village below Adams , on Indianapolis Sighting Large coyote 5am
8/1/2012 Huntington Beach Magnolia and Village below Adams , on Indianapolis killed Cat killed
8/1/2012 San Juan Capistrano La Novia / Via Capri Sighting
8/1/2012 Huntington Beach Graham between Slater and Warner Sighting
8/2/2012 Huntington Beach Magnolia and Village below Adams , on Indianapolis Sighting Coyote was in garage and stared down a person before leaving
8/3/2012 Orange Turnberry killed cat
8/4/2012 Huntington Beach Huntington Landmark Tract killed Cat found that was the one killed on indianapolis
8/11/2012 Huntington Beach Meadowlark tract killed cat, 3 coyotes




On Friday June 30, 2012 at 01:00 a.m., two coyotes were spotted relaxing on the grass on the corner of Purdy and Brookhaven in Placentia. When they spotted us, one stood up and came toward us. We walked the other way and they just looked at us. A week ago, our neighbors across the street lost two cats. One was found ripped apart, the other wasn’t found. We live on Brookhaven Ave..


Huntington Beach

Our Boston Terrior Roxy was a resent victim in a coyote attack. It happened on around 2:00 a.m. in the morning of Memorial Day 2012. There was a commotion going on in the backyard. Dogs were barking, but when I looked outside I didn’t see anything. It wasn’t until later in the day when I went to feed our dogs, that I couldn’t find Roxy at first. Then after searching, she was laying under our grape tree leaves – not moving. She was clearly attacked by something and we rushed her to the animal hospital where the Vet determined she was attacked by a coyote (types of bite wounds). She passed away shortly after bringing her in. This occurred near Beach Blvd/Talbert. We have also seen other coyote sightings in the area prior to his where 2-3 coyotes are running along Newland Street or down Beach Blvd around 3:30 – 5:30 in the morning. Something needs to be done by the City of Huntington Beach to protect not only our animals, but children and adults.

Costa Mesa

On a Friday night, just like every night, I let my 3 dogs go out in the back yard for 10 minutes to do
their business before going to bed. When I opened the door to let them back in, Lucky, my four-year
old (and oldest) dog was missing, so I went out there to get him, only to find him lying there on the
ground, unconscious, barely breathing, in a puddle of his own blood.

Adrenaline rushed through my entire body, and within seconds, I was in my car on my way to the
animal hospital. The veterinarian looked mildly surprised as he informed me that a coyote had
attacked my dog. He said that he sees animals hurt by coyotes every other day, and that no one
really talks about it. A customer who was waiting mentioned that she had lost a dog and two cats to
coyotes. She said I was very fortunate to have my dog in one piece, because all that was left of her
cat was the head and spine. Seconds later, my neighbors called, telling me that they had seen a
coyote walking along my wall.

We are a young couple, and our dogs are the closest thing we have to children, so I was devastated,
angry and in shock at the same time.
Our house is amongst the largest in Costa Mesa. Our back yard is surrounded by 8 ft. high walls,
and our property is fenced in, walled in, and gated. I had no idea that coyotes could jump this high
and ventured this deep onto human properties, past walls, gates and fences.
Lucky suffered too many injuries and passed away two days later. We paid over $8,000.00 in
veterinarian fees, and they did everything they could, but they couldn’t save him. We take comfort in
knowing that he died because he wanted to protect his sister.



  1. Our kitten got killed 10-22-14 in laguna Niguel by a coyote. Our 9 year old
    Daughter found his keg with the bone attached

    • Im sorry to hear that,  it must of been just awful for her.  I have children myself, I cannot imagine them seeing such a site from their own pet.  I am so sorry this happened to her.   Please take the time to log this on the tracker if you have not done so already.   Thank you for sharing your story.   Tracker:  http://www.coyotesinorangecounty.com/wild-animal-tracking/

  2. I live in the Glen Mar Neighborhood at Magnolia/Yorktown. There have been several coyotes seen in our neighborhood at all hours from middle of the night to early mornings. Last Wed. a coyote jumped over a fence, into a backyard and killed a neighbors cat and ran off with it in his mouth. I always thought my backyard was safe surrounded by fences and neighbors on all sides and have a doggie door that my pugs go outside as they wish… well one, we lost our beloved Bella a couple of months ago. I am very disturbed to learn coyotes are actually jumping fences into peoples backyards to kill their pets. I have locked my doggie door and confined my pug to inside for fear that she is not safe in her own backyard. I would like to see something done about this and will help in any way I can.

  3. Cindi Jordan says:

    My Cat was eaten by a coyote at Magnolia and Adams (Mediterranean Drive) on Friday a.m. 10/12/12 (prints looks like maybe three coyotes) come to find out my cat is one of three cats taken off my street alone in the past two weeks. They have found a new food chain. Yet if a domestic animal attacks a person or animal that animal is taken and killed…yet the City of HB states they “Take a report” – Do you think the animals killed regard taking a report as an action? REALLY? We need to find the dens and take care of them like they are taking our loved ones.

    • Cindy,  I am very sorry about your cat.   Basically,  I found out the same way,  my cat was killed and then in talking with the neighbors and trying to let them know, I found out that they had had pets killed too and there wasnt anyone informing anyone!  I am going to post for all and address the animal care thing in my post.   Did you fill out the animal tracking form,  if not, please do so.  Link is at the very top of the website page.  Then we can report on it and we have data and comments that we can show.   Thanks! 

      • Anonymous says:

        Another dog killed by coyote tonight in Laguna Hills!
        That’s 4/5 dogs in two weeks!
        Folks aren’t getting this!
        They let the little ones out to pee in attended and snap! They’re gone! I see coyotes in the daytime now as well! Please be very careful! They’re jumping 4’5-7 foot fences to get domestic animals! California, Near Laguna Woods.

  4. If the Coyote is not hunting in it’s natural habitat and suvives only now in populated ares, then it should be coinsidered a sick animal and should be put down. So where’s the problem with this solution? How ’bout Montain Lions and Bears, would they be allowed to stalk us in our backyards? or Rattle snakes?

    • I agree with you.   The natural predators of the coyote do not exist here in the urban areas, so they are populating.   But unlike snakes, bears, lions,  they seem to get looked upon differently.  Maybe someone sees a puppy dog when they look at them, I dont know.  The are a predatory animal, just like a mountain lion.   When the small animals are not available,  they will just start to hunt bigger prey,  bigger animals or small children.   

  5. My cat was abducted on Aug. 13 2012 by a huge lone Coyote living in the gully behind Lina Lane / Palizada in San Clemente Ca. Many others have had their pets killed within the same week or so i the suronding area.

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