Coyote Attack, 4 coyotes attack dog in Fountain Valley home


Two older boys, one being around 6′ 4″ and their girlfriend were coming home late.

The boy went out to help his girlfriend unload the car, the dog followed.  When they went back inside, the dog was left outside for a few moments.   When the awful high pitched screams of the dog were heard, the boy jumped over a fence from a side entrance of the home to try to save the dog, “Freddie”.    Coyotes ran, but not before judging whether or not they could take down the boy of 6’4” and 205lbs.  Two men chased the coyotes; there were 2 on the driveway and 2 more on the street.  In total, 4 coyotes were involved in this attack.  It appeared that there were 2 coyotes guarding the corners and two coyotes making the attack on the driveway.

These animals were aggressive and smart.  They came within 10 feet of the front door.   They judged the dad and the son, before completely disappearing.

Both the boy and the dog were injured.   The dog was rushed to the Animal hospital and the owners had hundreds of dollars in vet bills.  The dog received stitches and a rabies vaccination.

This all happened in a matter of seconds.

In summary, there were 4 coyotes; two attacking on driveway, and two more coyotes were outside of the camera’s range.  Two large boys were there, one being a huge football player around 205lbs and 6′ 4″, and adult male, along with the girlfriend.  What you cannot hear is all the screaming for the dog, boys and father along with the girlfriend.

The owners have lived there since the 70’s.  They had no idea that the coyotes were living in the area.  They had found remains of dead cats recently, but did not know what had happened.   They quickly had removed the remains as there are many children in their area and they did not want to have them see such a sight.

Imagine if your toddler had been sitting on your front lawn, within a matter of seconds, your baby could have been shaken and thrown with such velocity that the impact alone could have killed her/him.




Highlighted are flood controls, path to school and play area,  location of the attack.

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coyote attack location in Fountain Valley


Coyotes on FV driveway






  1. Erin Shaunnessey says:

    Perhaps a more helpful angle of this piece would have been the absolute stupidity of the owners. Freddie is a tiny dog left alone, at night, out in the front yard making him easy prey. Freddie was victimized not by the coyote but his owners. Once again, the owners who set their pet up to be mauled are pitied when they deserve to be punished. This article sensationalizes the mauling to arouse more coyote hatred when the disgust should be directed at the idiotic owners.

  2. That why I have my toy Yorkie (Cookie) with a friend white bull terrier (Snow) so he can defend her from intruders 😜👌

  3. John Jensen says:

    I spotted 2 adult coyotes wandering around the area of Jamboree and McGaw in Irvine the other day, around 3 o’clock in the morning. If you live by, beware, hide your cats and small pets as this dudes are cunning and aggressive.

  4. Carolyn, please tell your friends near Bushard that if they are finding cat parts in their neighborhood, the culprit is the 20# coyote we had in our condo complex for about a year. That little coyote wiped out our entire cat population. We are talking about dozens of cats. We do not miss the cat parts here in Chateau Blanc. And we do not miss that little 20# coyote.

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