• Do Not Feed Wild Animals
  • Human Urine (Male) is supposed to deter most wild animals, including Coyotes and large Wild Cats.
  • Wolf Urine has also been recommended.
  • Do not lock animals out at night.   In fact, you should escort your small pets out for potty breaks.
  • Do not leave toddlers alone in the backyard.  There was a child jumping on a trampoline and a coyote actually came out and grabbed it and tried to drag it off!
  • Cats are not safe outdoors.    There have been reports of coyotes coming into garages and up to door steps to get to cats.
  • Its not safe to allow small children to walk dogs.  Coyotes have attacked people walking their dogs.   Its recommended that when walking your dog, to carry a self defense product like the Zap Cane on the Products Page.
  •  Coyotes are sneaky.   They often come at you from the back.  When walking, try to keep children and pets in front of you.


Coyote Safety and Educational Information from the City of Huntington Beach


YouTube – Videos

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